Monday, May 22, 2017

Budget Friendly Boho Porch Makeover

We  finished our porch makeover!  I started brainstorming way back here, and it finally all came together.  The before and after is pretty dramatic! I really wish I had taken a better before picture- this is when we opened it up this March, but the walls were wood paneling and the carpet was pretty gross. I also wish it had been sunny when I took the after pictures!

We pretty much live out here all summer, so having a light, bright space we can enjoy was super important.   And having it be budget friendly since it's a space we can only use half the year was important to my husband. I'm so happy with the results!

B E F O R E :
A F T E R : 

Couch, Craigslist find, similar here
Rattan basket with plant, vintage find, similar here
Rug-if this link says it isn't found, refresh it! for some reason it keeps doing that to me.  Another source for this rug is here
Jute rug (underneath)
Plants- IKEA & Home Depot


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