Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Are Backpacks Cool Again?

This market tote is one of my top contenders- find it here.  

Okay, I have to make a confession- I've never had a diaper bag.  I hate them and think they're ugly.  Sorry! I've always just put my baby stuff in my purse and never had any issues.  But now summer is here, and Ophelia is like this big kid with needs and wants and apparently we have to pack up our entire house in order to go to the park. I'm talking sun hats, sunscreen, a ball or two, chalk, sand toys, bug spray... and of course snack options.  And it would be nice to not feel like Mary Poppins rummaging around in my bag like I did at the park this morning.  SO I think a backpack is our next step- now to find a cute one!  I've narrowed down my options to one of these below- any thoughts?

Water resistant backpack (comes in ELEVEN other colors!)// Black backpack// Grey(only $26!)


  1. I love love love these backpacks! Backpacks are totally coming back and they're great for traveling when you don't want to lug around your purse all day!

    Shannon | www.prepavenue.com

  2. Wow I just went through an exhaustive search myself, for something to use at work, and am happy with what I found. I also give a vote to the Herschel backpacks. I've given the Dawson, the Reid and the Iona as gifts and they're all really well made: https://shop.herschelsupply.com/collections/backpacks/the-dawson

  3. I've been looking for a new backpack for school. All of these are so cute and amazing options, especially, the very first one! Lovely round up.


    1. yay, i'm glad you found one! thanks for visiting!

  4. I love these backpacks! I'm currently on the lookout for one for my summer travels so I loved this collection of them! I love the pink leather one.

    Have a sweet day,


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