Thursday, April 20, 2017

Current Vibes

What we've been loving lately...

M A M A ' S    V I B E S 

A NEW FIND: I recently stumbled upon the instagram account @otisandotto and am obsessssed with her house and style.

GROWING UP: I decided I am finally enough of an adult to get a trench coat- I've wanted one forever, but felt like I could never pull it off.  I'm deciding between this one and this one- thoughts?

LOVING: this coral, flutter sleeve peplum top.  This plus jean shorts, and a tan?  Screams summer to me!

FAVORITE WAY TO UNWIND: These new sheet masks from yes to are amazing.  I like the acne one if I have a pimple, and the rose oil one for general calming/soothing.  They're also really awesome for scaring your husband.

O P H E L I A ' S     V I B E S 

DRESS OBSESSED: Girlfriend has become seriously dress obsessed.  She carries them around all day on their hangers, just to have them near her.  Our house looks like a little boutique.  Some of her favorites are this one, and this one.  

She put this ensemble together on her own.  

FOR ALL OF YOUR TININESS: We've been loving this book- and it's so sweet I get a little sniffly.  Although not after the 3028398 read.  

DUMP: Our sand table has been getting serious use- it's pretty much toddler nirvana.  This sand is way better than the rocky stuff! 

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Our animal figurines are definitely her favorite toy.  They were lifesavers on the airplane too!  Of course, the dogs get the most love.  Woof, woof! 

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