Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Quest: Finding a Hat For a Giant Head

I recently received a reader request- a mom was looking for a hat that was both cute and offered sun protection while hanging out outside with the littles all summer.  While I love, love, LOVE getting requests like this, hats are tough for me because my head is...well, gigantic.  BUT! I did it! I found one- it has an adjustable brim so you can make it work to fit your head, whether its super small or large like mine! I am now obsessed with this hat and may wear it every day.  It is also affordable- $29!    Find it here
 Pardon Ophelia's snotty nose. 
 I am wearing this hat, this top, these jeans, and these sandals.

Other cute mom hats: 
just click to shop!

And because we don't want them to feel left out, cute hats for the babes:
click to shop!

Apparently she's done with pictures. 

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