Thursday, April 27, 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1.  Rainy days that make everything bloom and the grass so green. 
2.  When the sun finally comes out after the rain is over.  
3.  Unexpected, undeserved, good hair days.   
4.  The way my girl rocks her babies so sweetly.  
5.  When the thing you ordered online comes and it fits perfectly and is even better than you imagined.   Or that hallelujah moment when you try on a new pair of jeans and they give you an out of nowhere derriere.  
6.  My husband cooking us dinner every night. While he cooks, he oddly substitutes his usual gangster rap for bossa nova. 
7.  The way Ophelia falls asleep with her hand snuggled over my left boob every single time.  Also, when I successfully ninja roll out from under her.  
8.  Sandals.  And sneakers.  Oh, and being barefoot too.  
9.  My dog's tail when I walk into the room.  Well, when anyone walks into the room.  Also when my dog sleeps on her back like a human.  And when she finds the perfect patch of sunlight to lie down in.  Okay, just dogs in general.  
10.  The mysterious blonde curls on the back of Ophelia's head.  

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