Tuesday, March 28, 2017

For Your Toddler Artist

 The young artiste! 
My little Ophelia and I have been way into art lately.  We just finished ten weeks of great classes at Art with Ellen, and now I've been letting her go wild (much to my clean freak husband's chagrin) at home.  Watching how she notices how good the paint feels on her hands (or belly, or hair) when she's finger painting, or developing her fine motor skills with clay, or how proud she is when she peels the stickers and sticks them all by herself,  or dabling in science while experimenting with how different materials feel, I can see so many benefits on her little brain.   
 Here are some tools to bulinding your art cabinet!
 Easel// Organic paint (made with fruits and veggies!)// Beeswax crayongs
Eco dough// Smocks// Sticker book (Ophelia's FAVORITE, this occupies her forever!) 
Crazy paint brushes (these are awesome)// Finger paint 

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  1. She is the cutest! My little nephews would love playing with all this paint!


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