Thursday, March 16, 2017

Current Vibes

my baby bunny being the sweetest mama

Our vibes! What we've got on on our minds this week!

M A M A 

READING: The Secret Place- I love Tana French books, and this one is no different.  Although I figured out the murderer waaaayy before the detectives did! 

LOVING: So, I don't really wear makeup.  But when I was working on my favorite natural beauty products posts I decided I wanted to find a good cover up and I LOVE this stuff.  

WANTING: All the slide sandals for summer.  I bought these blue ones for Mexico, and these pink ones are probably next!

WEARING: Well, what I've actually been wearing is these because it's been so freaking cold lately, but this cover-up is ready for me for once we get to the beach!

WATCHING: Big Little Lies.  I loved the book, and I'm slowly getting more into the show.  I feel like Madeline was way more likeable in the book? It sure is pretty to look at though!

WEARING: So, we've gotten in the (maybe bad?) habit of everytime Mama gets a box in the mail and we open it and it's clothes, we put our hands over our mouths and yell "OHHHH, WOWWWW!!!" So now whatever Ophelia puts on she examines it and says "ohhh, woooowww!" and it's the absolute best.  Flower prints get a a super big wow- this one piece is a favorite.  

WANTING: They have a sand/sensory table at ECFE and my little girl spends the whole time there- so as soon as we can spend time outside, we're getting one!  This one has great reviews on Amazon.  

LOVING: Shoes.  She's seriously obsessed.  She calls them "guys".

READING: This book, and anything else with flaps.  

SINGING: She's recently become interested in "things that go" like buses, cars, trains, and airplanes, so we're constantly singing about them.  ""Wheels on the Bus" and "Airplines Fly" are major jams.  This airplane toy is a hit

I love this kid.  This age is so much fun!

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