Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

I'm obsessed with anything embroidered- so this top (on sale!) had me at hello.   

I lived like a French girl for a week, and it changed my skin. I'm such a sucker for anything French, so  I ate this article right up.  I now need to try this dry shampoo!

This article was a serious day changer the day I read it.  It was mid morning, and Ophelia had fed her breakfast to the dog, and just spilled all the water out of a plant.  I loved this way of looking at it! 

21 tweets you'll understand if you're over 25.  This had me chuckling. 

Because I often get this question, and I'm not an expert.  So here's a good answer!  What the heck is Montessori, anyway? 

Baby shower gift ideas for the Earth Mama- I'll take one of each, please!

This dress is kind of calling for a spring wedding.  


Good Stuff Under $50This peplum top is amazing, such a perfect off the shoulder blouse, and these sandals have the perfect height.  This lightweight sweater is calling my name, people are obsessed with this nineties tee shirt,  and these leggings are such a steal! I'm obsessed with these sunglasses, and I'm digging this sweater with bows! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Spring Uniform

Embroidered top + mom jeans + sneakers.  All day, every day.  Go team.

E M B R O I D E R E D     T O P S   
just click to shop!

M O M     J E A N S 

C O L O R F U L     S N E A K E R S 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

For Your Toddler Artist

 The young artiste! 
My little Ophelia and I have been way into art lately.  We just finished ten weeks of great classes at Art with Ellen, and now I've been letting her go wild (much to my clean freak husband's chagrin) at home.  Watching how she notices how good the paint feels on her hands (or belly, or hair) when she's finger painting, or developing her fine motor skills with clay, or how proud she is when she peels the stickers and sticks them all by herself,  or dabling in science while experimenting with how different materials feel, I can see so many benefits on her little brain.   
 Here are some tools to bulinding your art cabinet!
 Easel// Organic paint (made with fruits and veggies!)// Beeswax crayongs
Eco dough// Smocks// Sticker book (Ophelia's FAVORITE, this occupies her forever!) 
Crazy paint brushes (these are awesome)// Finger paint 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

Happy weekend my friends! We're headed back to the chilly midwest today.  Spring, come soon!  

This blouse is calling my name.  

The Madewell spring arrivals are seriously good.  Love this, this, and this!
Why I'm cool with Ophelia sleeping with us til she's 30- study finds 40% of children don't have secure attachments.  40%!  That's huge!

The benefits of a postpartum doula.  All doulas are magic.  Get a doula! 

Millennial pink- this was interesting. 

Healthy, edible, cookie dough.  Enough said.  


Good Stuff Under $50: This tee shirt is ADORABLE, kind of the perfect maxi dress, and this is such a pretty topCozy + fashionableThis dress is a mom's dream.  This is the perfect dressed up sweatshirt, this pack of earrings would be all I ever needed,  and this concealer gets amazing reviews. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Swimsuits for the Littles

Hola, amigos!  We're still living it up down here in the land of sunshine.  I got a lot of questions on Ophelia's swimsuit (it's this one) and decided I should find some more awesome kid suits for all the sun bunnies out there. 

Here are my finds!

 Fruit (cannot handle this!)// Stripe (we need this one for my blue eyed girl!)// Watermelon
Stripe rashguard / Confetti with tutu// Gingham (I NEED this in my size!) 

G U Y S 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lace Finds for Spring

Wearing this blouse and this skirt

Greetings from sunny Mexico!  Today I bring you my most recent naptime finds- all the prettiest lacy things for spring!

 Pink top// Espadrilles// White top (only $22)
Blue skirt// Pink tee (only $15!) // Sneakers (only $27!)
Black skirt// Off the shoulder top// White blouse
White tank (only $24)// Mule slides (only $17!)// Blue dress

Blouse and Skirt

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mexico Day One

 My baby beach bum- she's wearing this swimsuit
Trying to get her to take a picture with me- not successful.  I'm wearing this top and this bottom

Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

Hola, amigos! Happy St. Patrick's Day! And happy weekend! We're off to Mexico this Sunday, and seriously can't wait.  Here are some good links from around the 'net.   


I seriously want to try hypnosis to quiet my busy mind- loved reading this experience.

11 things to say instead of "be careful!" all the time to our kiddos.    

I'm super into following Into The Glosses' March Madness bracket- want to try this, this, and this thanks to their surprising wins!  

Obsessed with these jeans.  


Good Stuff Under $50: This is such  a wear everyday, pretty tee, this looks like the perfect cardigan for those in between weather days, and this is such a versatile bag.  Obsessed with these earrings, these are calling my name for wearing around the house,  this is the perfect beach hat, and this looks like the perfect hot weather tee

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Current Vibes

my baby bunny being the sweetest mama

Our vibes! What we've got on on our minds this week!

M A M A 

READING: The Secret Place- I love Tana French books, and this one is no different.  Although I figured out the murderer waaaayy before the detectives did! 

LOVING: So, I don't really wear makeup.  But when I was working on my favorite natural beauty products posts I decided I wanted to find a good cover up and I LOVE this stuff.  

WANTING: All the slide sandals for summer.  I bought these blue ones for Mexico, and these pink ones are probably next!

WEARING: Well, what I've actually been wearing is these because it's been so freaking cold lately, but this cover-up is ready for me for once we get to the beach!

WATCHING: Big Little Lies.  I loved the book, and I'm slowly getting more into the show.  I feel like Madeline was way more likeable in the book? It sure is pretty to look at though!

WEARING: So, we've gotten in the (maybe bad?) habit of everytime Mama gets a box in the mail and we open it and it's clothes, we put our hands over our mouths and yell "OHHHH, WOWWWW!!!" So now whatever Ophelia puts on she examines it and says "ohhh, woooowww!" and it's the absolute best.  Flower prints get a a super big wow- this one piece is a favorite.  

WANTING: They have a sand/sensory table at ECFE and my little girl spends the whole time there- so as soon as we can spend time outside, we're getting one!  This one has great reviews on Amazon.  

LOVING: Shoes.  She's seriously obsessed.  She calls them "guys".

READING: This book, and anything else with flaps.  

SINGING: She's recently become interested in "things that go" like buses, cars, trains, and airplanes, so we're constantly singing about them.  ""Wheels on the Bus" and "Airplines Fly" are major jams.  This airplane toy is a hit

I love this kid.  This age is so much fun!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Easter Basket Goodness

Bunny hat// Monogrammed bunny basket (similar to the Pottery Barn ones, but only $17!)// Bunny jumpsuit
Floral dress// Bunny teethers// Bubbles (these don't spill!)

I've never been super into Easter as a holiday, but like everything else, once you have kids it's all is so much fun. And why is it that kids love eggs so much??  Egg shaker maracas are like Ophelia's true bliss.