Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Reading + Steals

Hello! Happy weekend!  

Some links from around the 'net: 

 Talking to babies and making them smarter.  Some of my very favorite pastimes. 

My natural beauty favorites- I'm still so obsessed with this stuff

This pottery shop is seriously AMAZING.     

Design mistakes: using generic art.  This was interesting to me- such a personal decision, I think!

This looks like the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring.  

The key to having kids do well in school- send them outside!

The Madewell new arrivals are, as always, so good.  


Good Stuff Under $50:  Get, like, three of these in different colors for spring- so cute!  What a great coat for such a great price, this looks perfect for this in between weather we're having, and these are seriously amazing dupes of my pink vans.  I have these and love them, and this would look soooo cute on the door.   

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