Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

 casual in the ball pit.

Happy Friday! It's supposed to be warm here and I'm pretty pumped. 

In honor of V-Day, the most romantic restaurants in each state.  The Minnesota one is pretty spot on, I think.

This is pretty dang cool.  

One of my favorite color combinations to wear- a round up of blue and white pieces, under $100. I especially love this!

Apparently this song makes babies happy.  I'll test it on Ophelia and report back!

Ya'll know I am all about the cute sweatpants- I love these.  

This is comforting- and good for people to know.

25 Famous Women on their Refugee Past

I will try and boost the babe's immune system any way I can, so I'm intrigued by the healing power of elderberry. 

I can just picture this with some cutoffs on a sandy beach.  


Good Stuff Under $50: I love this top so much.  Such a pretty little bag, these look so cozy, and this sweater would be so good for Valentine's. What a pretty throw blanket, and these earrings are seriously so good.  

For the babe- these are so adorable and this is KILLING me!

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