Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

descions, decisons.  Debating colors in these perfect slides.  

Heya! Welcome to le weekend.  

What a gorgeous blouse.  

The coolest AirBnB in every state- take me to any single one, seriously.    

Signing up for this has been my way of staying informed and active during this politically charged season. 

These new canvas bags are amazing- would be such a good mom bag!

Good Stuff Under $50This is such a pretty, easy top.  I just got this, and looove it, and these are so cool.  What a versatile sweater, this dress is so perfect, and this moisturizer is so needed this time of year.  

For the babes: these are so freaking adorable,  and if I had a boy, this is just too cute!

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  1. Thanks for featuring our Airbnb article! Loving those canvas totes as well--Madewell's bags are so consistently awesome, it's always an exercise in willpower when I see something new ;)


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