Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Trends At Every Price Point

wearing this top, these jeans, and these sneaks

Good stuff, coming your way.  I love spring clothes, they're so cheerful.  But I also love the coziness of fall clothes... okay, I guess I just love clothes.  Whoops.  

G I N G H A M 
So pretty and picnic worthy.

M U L E S 
Ya need some mules this spring.  They're everyyyywhere.  
Gold// Stripe(only $34!) 
Pink// Black (only $22!)// Brown

B A R E     S H O U L D E R S
This trend is here to stay!
Pink (only $29!)// Red// Stripe// White top ($34!)

T E E    S H I R T    D R E S S 
I feel like spring's version of athletisure is the tee shirt dress. 

T I E     F R O N T    T O P S 

I am sooo digging this trend.  Dresses up my usual mom shirts!
Fleece sweatshirt (I have this and love it!)// Green (also comes in 3 other colors!)// Grey (only $24!)
Soft knit tee (comes in 4 colors, $30)// White tee// Black lace up (comes in 3 other colors, $17)

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