Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

As I've said before, I tend towards the hippie side of things.  Especially when it comes to anything that could come near my little girl.  So I've tried a lot of natural beauty products, trying to find those that can replicate my old chemical laden ones.  Here are some of my favorites!  (and for my favorites for baby, check out this post). 

RMS Wipes:  Similar to any other facial wipes that are must have for any tired mom, these wipe off your makeup.  But they smell super good and coconut-y!

ILIA Lipstick: I love this lip stuff- it has pretty colors, doesn't dry you out, and is okay for kissing your babes.  

LAVANILA Deodorant: I've used this for years now, and its the only natural deodorant I keep coming back to.  

ACURE Sensitive Moisturizer:  I finally found it!  My holy grail moisturizer.  

DRUNK ELEPHANT Sunscreen: Voted the best by like every magazine and blog, this stuff works like a regular, chemically sunscreen, but isn't filled with crap.  

WONDER SEED Cleanser:  Hemp seed cleanser that seriously rules!  Especially good for oily/acne prone skin.  

DESERT ESSENCE Cleanser: I alternate this one with the above- this one is awesome for everyday.  

ACURE Shampoo and Conditioner:  I'm obsessed with this stuff, it works better for me than my old expensive hair stuff! 

TATA HARPER Bronzer: When you need a little kiss from the sun. 

RMS Un Cover Up: A natural concealer that works!

DEAD SEA Mask:  One of my favorite Amazon purchases ever.  So fun to put on and chill out with- and freak out your husband.  

ACURE Sunscreen: A spray natural sunscreen.  Yay!

MYCHELLE Serum:  I discovered this at Whole Foods and it is seriously one of those things that was like the angels singing.  Nothing has ever made such a difference in my skin, and so fast!  This is seriously good.  The next day after I tried the tester my skin had improved dramatically- and that kind of thing never happens to me!

JAO Goe Oil:  I used this my entire pregnecy on my belly to avoid stretch marks- and I have zero.  It's a is a combination of 28 natural plant, fruit and flower oils and butters, so dry skin stands no chance. 

ONE LOVE ORGANICS Balm:  This kind of does everything.  I also love this one that technically belongs to Ophelia.

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