Tuesday, February 28, 2017

16 Sandals Under $30

Knot slide (my favorite!)//  Metallic cross slide
Metallic slide//  Toe sandal (my other favorite)
Coral espadrille (my other, other favorite)// Canvas wedge

Can I call this Toe Tuesday?  Too far?  Sorry.  I found 16 amaaazzing sandals under $30 (and most of them are under $25!) for all your spring and summer needs. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring Coat Roundup

Draped jacket// Leather jacket (on sale for $59!)// Boucle coat (comes in 3 other colors, $40!)
Denim jacket with hood (so awesome)// Pink coat ($34) // Utility jacket ($50)
Coral jacket (love the color)// Army coat ($40)// Classic trench

So, it's still a little too chilly outside to wear all our new spring clothes... might as well get a new pretty spring coat!  I don't know about you, but I am so sick of looking at my winter parka, and kind of want to throw it down the basement stairs, banishing it until next November.  These are some of my top contenders! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Reading + Steals

Hello! Happy weekend!  

Some links from around the 'net: 

 Talking to babies and making them smarter.  Some of my very favorite pastimes. 

My natural beauty favorites- I'm still so obsessed with this stuff

This pottery shop is seriously AMAZING.     

Design mistakes: using generic art.  This was interesting to me- such a personal decision, I think!

This looks like the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring.  

The key to having kids do well in school- send them outside!

The Madewell new arrivals are, as always, so good.  


Good Stuff Under $50:  Get, like, three of these in different colors for spring- so cute!  What a great coat for such a great price, this looks perfect for this in between weather we're having, and these are seriously amazing dupes of my pink vans.  I have these and love them, and this would look soooo cute on the door.   

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Best Baby and Toddler Shoes

Shoe is one of Ophelia's very favorite words right now.  She's obsessed with putting them on, (even if they aren't hers!) and taking them off.  With our late walker, I've found that the right shoes make a super big difference in her mobility and ability to do what she wants to do.  Here are some of the very best brands!

BOGS (boy bogs here, girls bogs here)  are my top recommendation for a boot.  They're waterproof, and easy for a toddler to get on and off.  

NATIVE SHOES (girl natives here, boy natives here) are a cuter alternative to those... other summer shoes.  Plus these don't get smelly!

ROBEEZ (girl's here, boy's here)  are the very best for younger babes.  Recommended by feet doctors! 

STRIDE RITE (boy's here, girl's here) awesome first sneakers.  

FRESHLY PICKED (girl's here... oh my goodness cute, and boy's here) I know these are spendy, BUT we've tried the cheap moccasin alternatives and there is seriously no alternative.  These are our favorites.

SEE KAI RUN (boy's here, girl's here) shoes designed based on toddler's foot movements and form, these are extremely comfortable... and cute!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spring Jammies

ophelia is wearing these jammies.

Cozytown doesn't have to end after winter.  There are adorable spring pajamas hitting the stores, and there's nothing I love more than my little girl looking edible in her pajamas.  

L I T T L E    G A L S

L I T T L E    G U Y S

M A M A 

Blue short set// Grey set (love, and only $10!)// Stripe set

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

As I've said before, I tend towards the hippie side of things.  Especially when it comes to anything that could come near my little girl.  So I've tried a lot of natural beauty products, trying to find those that can replicate my old chemical laden ones.  Here are some of my favorites!  (and for my favorites for baby, check out this post). 

RMS Wipes:  Similar to any other facial wipes that are must have for any tired mom, these wipe off your makeup.  But they smell super good and coconut-y!

ILIA Lipstick: I love this lip stuff- it has pretty colors, doesn't dry you out, and is okay for kissing your babes.  

LAVANILA Deodorant: I've used this for years now, and its the only natural deodorant I keep coming back to.  

ACURE Sensitive Moisturizer:  I finally found it!  My holy grail moisturizer.  

DRUNK ELEPHANT Sunscreen: Voted the best by like every magazine and blog, this stuff works like a regular, chemically sunscreen, but isn't filled with crap.  

WONDER SEED Cleanser:  Hemp seed cleanser that seriously rules!  Especially good for oily/acne prone skin.  

DESERT ESSENCE Cleanser: I alternate this one with the above- this one is awesome for everyday.  

ACURE Shampoo and Conditioner:  I'm obsessed with this stuff, it works better for me than my old expensive hair stuff! 

TATA HARPER Bronzer: When you need a little kiss from the sun. 

RMS Un Cover Up: A natural concealer that works!

DEAD SEA Mask:  One of my favorite Amazon purchases ever.  So fun to put on and chill out with- and freak out your husband.  

ACURE Sunscreen: A spray natural sunscreen.  Yay!

MYCHELLE Serum:  I discovered this at Whole Foods and it is seriously one of those things that was like the angels singing.  Nothing has ever made such a difference in my skin, and so fast!  This is seriously good.  The next day after I tried the tester my skin had improved dramatically- and that kind of thing never happens to me!

JAO Goe Oil:  I used this my entire pregnecy on my belly to avoid stretch marks- and I have zero.  It's a is a combination of 28 natural plant, fruit and flower oils and butters, so dry skin stands no chance. 

ONE LOVE ORGANICS Balm:  This kind of does everything.  I also love this one that technically belongs to Ophelia.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Trends At Every Price Point

wearing this top, these jeans, and these sneaks

Good stuff, coming your way.  I love spring clothes, they're so cheerful.  But I also love the coziness of fall clothes... okay, I guess I just love clothes.  Whoops.  

G I N G H A M 
So pretty and picnic worthy.

M U L E S 
Ya need some mules this spring.  They're everyyyywhere.  
Gold// Stripe(only $34!) 
Pink// Black (only $22!)// Brown

B A R E     S H O U L D E R S
This trend is here to stay!
Pink (only $29!)// Red// Stripe// White top ($34!)

T E E    S H I R T    D R E S S 
I feel like spring's version of athletisure is the tee shirt dress. 

T I E     F R O N T    T O P S 

I am sooo digging this trend.  Dresses up my usual mom shirts!
Fleece sweatshirt (I have this and love it!)// Green (also comes in 3 other colors!)// Grey (only $24!)
Soft knit tee (comes in 4 colors, $30)// White tee// Black lace up (comes in 3 other colors, $17)

Friday, February 17, 2017

President's Day Weekend Sales

I'm not sure why President's Day has such good sales, but it does.  Hop to it!
Just click the pictures to shop!  I make it too easy.  

ASOS: 20% off with code PREZ20 

JCREW: 30% with code WEEKEND

GAP: 40% off with code MORE

OLD NAVY: 50% off storewide, additional 30% off with code ENJOY

LOFT: 40% off storewide, with code HAPPY

CARTERS: 50% off with code PRESDAY

Weekend Links + Steals

Happy weekend.  I hope you got this much love this week! Here are some good finds from around the internet. 

Well, science says it's true- mommy brain is real.

Want to age less? Make out more.  

This was an interesting read- American millennials just aren't into God.    

The J.Crew Factory new arrivals are so good.  And 50% off.   I love this, this, and this. 

Placenta smoothies!  I know, I know.  But I'm bookmarking this for next time.  

I love this gingham top

Essential oils, and shakes, and beauty products, oh my.  What stuff being pushed by your Facebook friends is actually worth it?

My dog and my husband are the same being, so this makes sense.  

I want to try this moisturizer that everyone raves about.  


Good Stuff Under $50: This is seriously so cute, and these are amazing.  What a great embroidered top, and this white blouse is so pretty.  I adore this dress, and these sandals are calling for a beach vacation. 

For the babes: These are so dang cute, and this is screaming for a brand new baby to wear it. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Current Vibes

What we've been feeling lately! It's been warm, the snow is melted, and my little girl has suddenly become this awesome kid who constantly cracks me up.  

M A M A ' S      V I B E S
HANGING RATTAN CHAIR: since the weather turned warm, we opened up our porch.  It's amazing having the space, but I've got the itch to re do the whole thing.  I can't wait lighten it up with a breezy, bohemian  vibe.  

STUD EARRINGS: The only jewelry I can wear without attention from my small friend, I love sets where I can mix up different studs in all my ear holes.  

PATAGONIA FLEECE: The only layer I've needed lately.  Insert the praise hands emoji here!

SNEAKERS: When I'm not in rain boots.  

GIRLS: Started watching the new season.. the first episode was a lot of Hannah.  Not enough Ray.  I love reading these posts after every episode.  

O P H E L I A ' S      V I B E S
KNIT SWEATER: She's worn this pretty much every day since it arrived.

POUCHES: Girlfriend cannot get enough of these.

TABLE & CHAIRS: These have been a game changer.  She's become such a gown up, she loves sitting at her table doing art, having a snack, or reading.

RAINBOOTS: Very necessary lately.

WAGON: This was a Christmas gift that has been in use daily.  She likes riding in the wagon on walks, or pushing it, with lots of random things she's put inside it. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pretty New Spring Arrivals

 Our wishlists sure are growing this spring!  Pretty new things that have me so excited for a warm new season.  Sixty degrees this weekend! I'd probably better shave my legs, huh.  

M A M A ' S       P I C K S 

 O P H E L I A ' S       P I C K S

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What We're Reading

yes, her hair is just that amazing

Ophelia is a girl after her mama's heart- seriously obsessed with reading- I hear about all these kids who won't sit still for a book and can't even fathom that.  My little gal would sit on my lap, snuggling and reading all day if I let her!  Of course, that comes with it's own set of problems... reading the same books over and over (and over) sometimes makes me want to bang my head into the wall.  So finding good ones is very important!  These are all perfect for toddlers- she's especially into anything with flaps, touch/feel pages, and repetition! 

O P H E L I A ' S       P I C K S 

Toes, Ears, & Nose: She LOVES this one, and finds each body part on herself too!

We're Going On a Bear Hunt: She tries to sing along to the repeating parts, which is so adorable.

Dear Zoo: We love this one dearly- borrowed it from the library and had to buy our own copy!

Touch and Feel I Love You: Real life pictures of babies and animals are her favorites, so this one is really good.   

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: She loves grabbing the holes in the foods to turn the page- fine motor skills at work! 


And here are the books I've read this month, if you're on the hunt for a more adult friendly read!

M A M A ' S       P I C K S 

The Nest: About adult children awaiting their inheritance.  I liked this one, and flew through it!

Sweetbitter: I LOVED  this.  It's about working in the high end restaurant industry in New York- which sounds kind of boring, but isn't, I promise.  It was a glimpse into a totally different world from mine.  

Career Of Evil: This is the third book in the detective Strike novels (written by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling!) and I seriously love these books.  I kind of fall in love with Strike more and more each book. 

The Guest Room: This  thriller had me looking forward to reading it every night and had an ending I did not see coming!

Falling: If you've read one Jane Green novel you know they're all kind of similar, but I love them so that doesn't stop me.  The beach-y romantic scenes were super sweet, and there was a (sad!) twist at the end.  

Here's To Us: Another Nantucket set book, this one is about a celebrity chef who dies and his three wives and their children deal with the fallout.  I love this author, and this book was very entertaining.  

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Swimsuits for Mamas

If we want to go on vacation (and I do! I really really do!  Please!), we've got to find a swimsuit.  And finding a swimsuit is never easy, whether you're a mom or not, but if you're rocking a newly postpartum bod,  or dealing with dramatically altered boobs, or spending your beach time chasing after littles, you will definitely require a different kind of bathing costume.  
Here are some good picks! 

& some more!
just click to shop!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

 casual in the ball pit.

Happy Friday! It's supposed to be warm here and I'm pretty pumped. 

In honor of V-Day, the most romantic restaurants in each state.  The Minnesota one is pretty spot on, I think.

This is pretty dang cool.  

One of my favorite color combinations to wear- a round up of blue and white pieces, under $100. I especially love this!

Apparently this song makes babies happy.  I'll test it on Ophelia and report back!

Ya'll know I am all about the cute sweatpants- I love these.  

This is comforting- and good for people to know.

25 Famous Women on their Refugee Past

I will try and boost the babe's immune system any way I can, so I'm intrigued by the healing power of elderberry. 

I can just picture this with some cutoffs on a sandy beach.  


Good Stuff Under $50: I love this top so much.  Such a pretty little bag, these look so cozy, and this sweater would be so good for Valentine's. What a pretty throw blanket, and these earrings are seriously so good.  

For the babe- these are so adorable and this is KILLING me!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Montessori Valentine's Day Craft for Toddlers

We had such a blast with this- and it's way easy.  And if your little artist is more interested in using their hands than the heart stamper (like mine was!) you get an even cooler picture.  

I took a toilet paper tube:

I bent it half to make a crease: 
And then bent down the top crease and taped it to make a heart!
We then went to town, using these paints.  

Man, I love this kid.  Happy heart painting! 

P.S. for those who emailed and asked, Ophelia's top is this one- and on sale!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Dreamy Living Room- On a Budget

When I saw this gorgeous living room (featured here) I kind of gasped.  And then immediately started planning how to insert it in my house. 

Rug- looove!//  Rattan tray// Plant holder

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Good Stuff At Gap

I am wearing this blouse, these jeans, and these earrings.  
I usually only shop at Gap for baby stuff, but I was browsing the website and my cart kept growing and growing and growing- the new arrivals for women are seriously good!  They are speaking my language, with lots of eyelet white, chambray, and everything embroidered.