Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

 Have I mentioned that it's cold?  Well, it is. Grab one of these, a warm beverage, and enjoy some weekend reading! 

The 25 Best Ikea finds under $25- Ikea lover over here!

This is so pretty.  

6 Natural Concealers- this one looks worth a try.  

How to Raise an Honest Kid, according to science.  

Can cellulite sell magazines?  I'm still not over the Marnie/Charlie scenes from last season.  

Dying to try these.  


Good Stuff Under $50: This- love! This looks perfect for these dry skin days, these, and thisThis is pretty and this looks so perfectly useful for everyday.  

For le babes, this is seriously adorable and in my cart.  This too, and oh my goodness this!

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