Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Little Ophelia at 14 Months

 we have a good thing going, cheek wise.  

THIS KID.  This kid at 14 months is pretty much pure magic. She chatters away all day long, is always at my side, and is seriously funny.   It's so nice because not only do I love her beyond all measure, I also just absolutely like her as a person, and have the best time hanging with her.  

She has incredible language/conversational skills, it blows me away.  She saunters up to big kids (her favorite) everywhere we go and says "Hi!" Every dog we see, she says "Gog! Hi! Woof woof! In the sweetest little staccato.  She's saying mama, dada, Jolie, our dog, but she calls her "Gooley, a mix between Jolie and my parent's dog Goldy.  A Gooley is also anyone acting silly, too.   Dog, book, ball, car, hello, food, orange, blocks, bath, water, paci, that, and more I can't think of right now.  Oh, glasses, she takes my glasses off every morning before I pt my contacts in and screams "GLASSES!".   She does the signs for more, all done, and eat in her high chair.   On the physical side, she is pretty lazy like her mama- she despises walking, and continues to scoot on her butt most of the time.  

We spend most of our time hanging at the libraries, we go to toddler yoga, music classes, indoor playgrounds, you know,  the works.  

Things I Cannot Handle:
Her mullet
How she giggles in her sleep
The way when you put lotion or hand sanitizer or anything on your hands she starts doing the actions to this yoga song.
The way she charges forward to something exciting  and yells "Goya, Goya!"
How she claps for herself after every tiny achievement.
She is obsessed with pictures of herself, and makes out with her reflection in the mirror.
How she does this wry smile when she knows she's being funny or mischievous and leans forward into you until you congratulate her.  
When I whisper in her ear "I love you!" she whispers back in mine "hi".  Ruthless.  

She LOVES getting her hair brushed and finds bows and headbands for me to put in. 
Is such a good sport about going outside in the winter, which is essential.  
All dolled up for New Year's Eve!
Squad goals. 
How most of my showers happen.  Tampons are such a fun toy, didn't you know?
Still loves to nurse, and usually waves and says hi to my boob, which is pretty much the best.  
Man, I love this kid.  

Some of her current favorites: 
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  1. haha! My daughter's 14-month birthday (? I don't know what to call it...) was yesterday too! It's so funny to see how similiar they are (like clapping for every tiny achievement! I hear you there - it's hilarious.) Is your daughter walking? My Lydia IS SO CLOSE, but she still prefers crawling...


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