Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Beauty Routine

Now, a beauty expert I am NOT.  Far from it.  But I'm starting to try and take better care of my skin (I've never even been good with sunscreen! I know!), and these are some items I've been liking.  For me, it's important that the products I use be paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free, and I like a good rating on the EWG too!

1.  RMS Wipes- A clean alternative to regular makeup wipes and they work so well- and smell really good!
2.  Effaclar Face Wash- Thanks to nursing I've still got a lot of hormone fluctuation, and thus, breakouts.  This stuff is gentle but helps clear skin.  
3.  Vitner's Daughter- Talk about magic.  Pricey, yes, but it's kind of skin bliss in a bottle.  This will soothe a healing pimple over night.  
3.  First Aid Moisturizer- Simple and effective.  I've tried a ton of moisturizers and this is a good one.  It helps with the dryness of winter, but doesn't make me breakout.

Here is my face, in it's makeup free glory. 

If anyone has any recommendations, I am all ears!  I love trying new beauty products.  Here are some things on my "want to try" list. 
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  1. So glad you are using the Vintner's Daughter + the RMS wipes -- two of my all time favorites! xo


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