Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Baby Essentials

WHOA.  Here are all my baby favorites I used that amazingly crazy first year of my little Ophelia's life.  I will say that the only thing you really need are your boobs, some diapers, and somewhere for the bub to sleep- usually in the beginning the best spot is your chest. 

These sleepers are the way to go- they're the best.  The snap ones will make you insane in the middle of the night.   

Toys! They don't need much, but these were some of our favorites.  Rainbow bell, circle, triangle, and baby gym.  

Swaddle blankets.  We weren't swaddlers, since we co sleep, but we used them for, uh, everything else.  Still use them!  These are the softest, and the imitators are not even close!

Knit bonnet- every little babe needs a bonnet!

The only pacis my baby would take.  Love them!

We use Honest diapers for her little behind.  

Babywearing is my number one tip for getting through the first year.  Babywearing is amazing.  This ring sling, and the Lillebaby are our favorites. 

Our favorite bibs.  They cover everything.  

My favorite bodysuits.  And these foldover leggings were the best fit for my long, skinny babe. 

Such a sweet little bear snow suit.  I can't wait to break ours out again.  Cozy bear snuggles!

Bath tub for the beginning, and a bath seat we still use now.  

Breast pump.  Sometimes this is covered by insurance (thank you Obama!) so check!  My little gal never took a bottle so I only pumped for comfort, and to donate milk but I still used this big guy. 

Bamboo earred bath towel.  There's nothing better than babes in bath towels with ears and this one is eco friendly bamboo. 

If there is one thing you learn from me, let it be this: white socks.  White socks only.  These ones stay on better than most. 

Bath products- for more on this, see this post.  Wash & diaper cream.  

We love our ear thermometer.  

Nose Frida and (not pictured) the Windi. Just trust me.  Gross, but life savers. 

Yay for babies! 


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  2. I love how you start with boobs as the first necessity lol one super important thing money can't buy! Thanks for your recommendations. I'm expecting and I love finding new mom bloggers, because I can really use the suggestions and recommendations! There is just SO MUCH baby stuff out there. I simply just want what's needed. Thanks for sharing your suggestions. Looking forward to following your blog for similar posts :)

    Fariha | Blog

    1. thanks for stopping by! and yes, boobs are vital :)

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