Thursday, January 12, 2017

Current Vibes

 rocking some pretty rad post nap hair.  

WANTING: Everything and everything.  Lately,  this kid has not met something that she does not want. 
NEEDING: Again, she is pretty sure that she needs everything, but especially she has been needing a lot of nursing.  Nursing a toddler is a totally different adventure than a baby, and now that she can easily communicate that she would like the boob, she likes to show off how good she is at it to everyone around pretty much all the time.  
WEARING: A thermal onesie pretty much everyday, and cozy knits
READING: She is LOVING to name everything in her books, so pictures of babies and dogs are all the rage.  She's also obsessed with any book with flaps.   This one, this one, and this one are current faves. 
WATCHING:  She is so observant, she's seriously watching everything.  It's a little scary- I work so hard to keep her away from screens but she still knows if she finds my phone to swipe her finger on it somehow!  Today on our walk she kept calling out "ball" and there were no balls in sight, so I'm like, nope those are trees, those are houses, that is snow.  Then I see a house that had it's Christmas decorations still up, and they had ball ornaments hanging on a bush.  She was right!  They see everything.  It's a crazy amount of responsibility, these babes.  They're watching us closely, all the time, so I'm working on modeling my best self for her. 

WANTING: To fill my house with color to make up for the gloomy whiteness outside.  This and this, and lots of greenery are on order!
NEEDING: Some Advil?  Mama has a headache.  Okay, seriously, I need some green grass to put my bare feet on.  Preferably a body of water nearby too. 
WEARING: This sweatshirt on repeat every night.  And obviously, my duck boots are getting a workout. 
READING: Skeletons at the Feast is my current book- I'm not too far into it, but I love any book related to WWII.  It's good so far!
WATCHING: Old episodes of Grey's Anatomy because I LOVE IT and it makes me happy.  

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