Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Breastfeeding Friendly Dresses

I get a lot of questions on breastfeeding friendly clothing. Shirts are pretty easy, you can pull them down or up. But dresses! Dresses are tough. I used to live in dresses during the summer but now that I have a baby, ideally I'd like to avoid hiking my dress up to my shoulders and baring my underwear.  So, I went on a hunt.  Here are some pretty nursing friendly dresses!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Found: The Best Tee Shirt

It works with... everything. 

I found it!  The best vintage looking, not see through, not too long, not too short, works with everything tee shirt.  And the best part? It's only $20.  It comes in a billion colors (I have grey, white, and pink on order!).  Here it is, in all it's glory.

tee, with jeans & sneaks

tee with vintage cutoffs, similar here and here

tee with my favorite vintage skirt, similar ones here and here

tee with (the BEST!) black leggings

go get cha self one.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

a little shopgirl action at mille yesterday

Happy Friday, friends.  Let us take a deep breath.  
Some weekend reading:

A couple of round ups on what Voldermort has been up to his first days in office, here and here.  I can't even think about this stuff too much- it makes me feel pukey.  But stay informed! Stay vigilant!

Luckily- The future of the left is female.

Loving the oversize jacket trend for spring.  

The list of banned books we will probably be encouraging Ophelia to read in a few years.  

OMG this clip is so true.  Especially this: it's so easy for dads to get called "such a good dad!" for doing basic things like, say, carrying their child in public.  


Good Stuff Under $50This is the best cardigan and it's on sale! Really good workout pants for a steal, and this is so pretty!  This sweatshirt looks so cozy, and this tee is super cute.  I also LOVE these pink flats!

For the babes: this makes me want another little little, and this ride on toy is on our wishlist! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Carters Sale

Cute stuff alert!  Everything at Carters is 20-50% off today with the code NEWYEAR!
just click to shop!

What We Want for Spring

There's something about spring clothes that makes you feel so hopeful.  When my sister and I were little, my parents used to take us to the downtown Daytons, before it was Marshall Fields, then it turned into Macys, and now it's closing :(((  for Valentine's Day and let us pick out an outfit.  I always picked something totally inappropriate for the weather in Minnesota in February, like a swimsuit cover up, or sandals.  Somethings never change,  I guess- here I am, sick of my sweaters and parkas, dreaming of wearing shorts.
  Here are our spring wishlists!  

O P H E L I A 

M A M A 
I need another pink sweater super bad- somewhere my husband is crying reading that// Off the shoulder dress// Grey t shirt// Vintage cut off shorts- I get mine here// Bow slides- seriously soo phenomenal// Peasant blouse

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Dreamy Kitchen

So, I'm a littttle bit obsessed with this kitchen, featured here.  Read that as I'm super obsessed and currently figuring out how to convince my husband we need to re do ours. In the meantime, here are some temporary ways you and I can get the look!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Three Good Things

I am wearing this sweater, these jeans, this jacket, and my boots are old, but these are super similar.  

1.  The women's marches!  So freaking amazing.  We had plans to take part in the Minnesota one, but it was during naptime.  You better believe I marched across my living room though.  We had over 100K in Minnesota! Power in numbers makes you feel so much less alone, I think. Some of my favorite links so far include this one of some of the best signs, this instagram account of signs, and these pictures from marches all over the world. AND! A post on what we can do now

2.  Something simpler.  But still good!  The Madewell spring preview.  I'm all about the embroidery, obviously, and spring clothes are so hopeful! This is also on my wishlist

3.  Ophelia's hair.  It's kind of the best.  And maybe long enough to be put in a ponytail?  I shall experiment and report back!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Baby Gap Sale!

Cuteness overload on sale.  40% off at Baby Gap with the code HAPPY!
just click to shop 

Valentine's Day Style

 OMG this picture.  newborn Ophelia is wearing this outfit- we LOVED this one!

So, I've always been a big believer in Valentine's Day.  It has the prettiest colors, the cutest decorations, and it comes at a time when a holiday is highly needed.   Can I get an amen on January being the longest month known to man?  It has seriously been January forever.  Plus, I like telling the people I love that I love them.  Here is some Valentine's Day eye candy for babes and their mamas!

F O R      T H E      G A L S
 Heart sweater// bow ballet flats// heart dress (only $5!)// heart joggers (Ophelia has these, they're so sweet)// Jumpsuit// Pink lace top

F O R     T H E     G E N T S 

F O R    M A M A

Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend Links + Steals

Me and my big pregnant belly from last year are standing in solidarity with all the women marching this weekend. 

Obsessed with this gorgeous Malibu house- if I didn't need color all around me, I would totally go for this vibe.   

18 couches under $1000- a good resource to have!      

Good Stuff Under $50: This is easy and perfect, this looks so cozy for lounging, and this is so pretty- and versatile!  This would work anywhere in your house, these are awesome,  I love this, and this would work for any occasion! 

For le babes, these are seriously adorable, and this is so darn sweet! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pretty Things We Like + A Moment in Motherhood

A little list of pretty things we are loving lately.  

Our very favorite book right now.  It's so sweet and just feels so true to me and Ophelia- she is my little bunny.   

We've been livening up the January doldrums with pom poms all over the house.  

++++ And something I just want to remember.  
I was putting Ophelia to sleep last night, and we usually just lay in the dark room, listen to the fan, and nurse, and snuggle.  She had been quiet for awhile and I was starting to think about rolling away.  But then!  She had secretly found the little push light we keep in the bed, for lost pacis or other middle of the night emergencies, and put it under her chin like someone with a flashlight telling spooky stories.  She turned it on, and whispered "Hi".  We both could not stop laughing.   I love her, and that's the understatement of the year!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Baby Essentials

WHOA.  Here are all my baby favorites I used that amazingly crazy first year of my little Ophelia's life.  I will say that the only thing you really need are your boobs, some diapers, and somewhere for the bub to sleep- usually in the beginning the best spot is your chest. 

These sleepers are the way to go- they're the best.  The snap ones will make you insane in the middle of the night.   

Toys! They don't need much, but these were some of our favorites.  Rainbow bell, circle, triangle, and baby gym.  

Swaddle blankets.  We weren't swaddlers, since we co sleep, but we used them for, uh, everything else.  Still use them!  These are the softest, and the imitators are not even close!

Knit bonnet- every little babe needs a bonnet!

The only pacis my baby would take.  Love them!

We use Honest diapers for her little behind.  

Babywearing is my number one tip for getting through the first year.  Babywearing is amazing.  This ring sling, and the Lillebaby are our favorites. 

Our favorite bibs.  They cover everything.  

My favorite bodysuits.  And these foldover leggings were the best fit for my long, skinny babe. 

Such a sweet little bear snow suit.  I can't wait to break ours out again.  Cozy bear snuggles!

Bath tub for the beginning, and a bath seat we still use now.  

Breast pump.  Sometimes this is covered by insurance (thank you Obama!) so check!  My little gal never took a bottle so I only pumped for comfort, and to donate milk but I still used this big guy. 

Bamboo earred bath towel.  There's nothing better than babes in bath towels with ears and this one is eco friendly bamboo. 

If there is one thing you learn from me, let it be this: white socks.  White socks only.  These ones stay on better than most. 

Bath products- for more on this, see this post.  Wash & diaper cream.  

We love our ear thermometer.  

Nose Frida and (not pictured) the Windi. Just trust me.  Gross, but life savers. 

Yay for babies! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Waterproof Boots for the Slosh

I am wearing these duck boots.  

One- such a good deal for Sorels //Two//Three- only $40!
Four- so cute, and don't look waterproof-y at all! //Five//Six- look so cozy!
Seven- $25! //Eight//Nine
Ten- my favorite// Eleven// Twelve

It's wet and sloshy out and we need shoes that won't make our feet all wet, but still look cute. Here's a good ol roundup of waterproof boots to keep us warm and dry. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

My Favorite Basics

A couple of my faves- sweater, jeans, and pink sneaks

Buckle in kids!  This is a good post- all my favorites in one spot. The perfect fitting white tee, the BEST jeans, and my favorite favorite bra that I kid you not, changed my life.  Okay, whoa, that was a lot of hype.  

A pretty eyelet top that is figure flattering and works all the time// The perfect chambray topper// My prettiest blouse- comes in tons of colors// The best white tee- that perfect, vintage, slouchy fit. 
The BEST stripe tee- and only $9!// The perfect stripe turtleneck for layering.  

My absolute favorite mom jeans.  They suck you in and are comfortable at the same time// The best leggings... for working out, or not working out// Most flattering skinny jeans.