Friday, December 29, 2017

My Favorite Purchases of 2017

1.  The caviar shampoo and conditioner- these were actually a gift from last Christmas that I've continued to buy.  They make my long hair feel SO good. 

2.  THE BEST maternity leggings, hands down.  See this post for more on why. 

3.  These are my favorite t-shirts- they're the perfect length, weight, and have that awesome slouchy fit. 

4.  My everyday bra- also available here and here.  I know bra recommendations are totally dependent on body type, but if you have a small frame with big boobs, this is your winner. 

5.  The coziest, slouchy sweater (also available on sale here).  I have it in two colors!

6.  This was my favorite book I read this year. 

7.  Just to remind myself that someday I will not be pregnant- the best high waist jeans.  I miss you so much, high waisters!  I wave at them when I see them in my drawer. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Nursing Must Haves

I'm getting so excited to nurse another tiny little squishy babe this spring.  Before I had Ophelia I was nervous about breastfeeding, but it was one of my favorite things about mothering.  I've been looking at some of the pretty new boob friendly finds out there, and picked out a few favorites!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cozy Sweaters for the Cozy Season

I am wearing this sweater, and Ophelia is wearing this one!

My absolute fave sweater right now- and these maternity jeans!

S W E A T E R S       F O R           M O M
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S W E A T E R S       F O R           L I T T L E S 
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Bump & Nursing Friendly Holiday Outfits for Mom

B U M P      F R I EN D L Y      F I N D S 
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N U R S I N G         F R I E N D L Y         F I N D S 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Looks for the Littles

G A L S 
Ophelia wore this one in our Christmas card, and I totally love this one!

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D U D E S 
Now that I've got a little boy on the way, I've started  looking at the boy clothes! I love these little sets, and this sweater is adorable. 

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Mom (All Under $50!)

1.  A comfy sleep mask and slipper set
2.  Initial necklace.
3.  Such a pretty diffuser (+ some relaxing essential oils?)
4.  Cozy candle that smells JUST like a Christmas tree.
5.  The creamiest lotion that smells like a campfire.
6.  A festive pie dish.
7.  Such a gorgeous (and budget friendly!) marble teapot.
8.  Party ready earrings.
9.  Such a cheerful scarf!
10. Seriously the softest sweater.
11. A luxurious looking, but wallet friendly,  throw blanket.
12.  A chic cross body bag- this one is more expensive, but here is an under $50 look alike!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Why are men so hard to shop for?  I feel like they usually just buy themselves what they want, so you have to get creative! Here are some of my no fail picks!

1. Basketball jersey poster- this whiskey one, or this beer one, are also cool!
2.  Cool sneakers.
3.  Golf watch- who knew something like this even exists?
4.  Some smart phone friendly gloves
5.  A membership to a whiskey of the month club! Some other cool memberships: bacon of the month, hot sauce of the month!
6.  Cast iron skillet cookbook.
7.  A shaving kit.
8.  An iGrill meat thermometer for the BBQ king. 
9.  A cozy hoodie.
10.  A subscription to Sports Illustrated.  Or if sports aren't your guys thing, maybe Popular Science, or GQ?
11.  My husband says these are like the Bentley of underwear
12.  Unique stocking stuffer- a knife that makes butter spreadable at any temperature.  I feel like guys love butter. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Guide

image from here

The sales have started early this year!
I will keep updating this post as more sales come in
Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving week.  I hope everyone celebrates with someone they love and something delsh they love to eat.  Another great thing about this holiday? The shopping!

Now, I've never been a Black Friday- punch someone's grandma to get the cheapest DVD- kind of gal.  But shopping online from my couch?  Yeeeeeap, all in.
Here is your key to all the best deals.  

Amazon: Shop all the deals right here- I'm watching this like a hawk.  

Shopbop: Take up to 25% off your order with code MORE17

Ann Taylor: 50% off everything on the site with code THANKFUL  

Anthropologie: 30% off  

ASOS: 30% off with code EPIC30

Banana Republic:40% off 

Abercrombie: 50% the entire store. I looove this.  

Gap: 50% off your entire purchase with code BLKFRIDAY.  This is so sweet for baby!

J.Crew: 40% off your purchase with code THANKU. I NEED these.  

J.Crew Factory: 50% off everything (literally everything) on the site

LOFT: 40% off almost everything on the site with code GIFTITUP. This looks so cozy.

Madewell: 25% off your entire purchase with code DONTSTRESS. This would make a perfect gift. 

Old Navy: 50% off everything 

Carters: 50% off entire site

My picks for Mama:
click the pictures to shop!

My picks for littles: 
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kids

1.  STAR JACKET: Um, does this come in my size?
2.  TEMPRA PAINT STICKS: These are SO awesome for painting fun without the mess.  
3.  EASEL: A must have for any little artist.  
4.  STUFFED ANIMALS: With every purchase of one of these adorable animals from Cuddle + Kind, they donate to a child in need.  
6.  SHAPE PUZZLE: A Montessori staple. 
7.  BASKETBALL HOOP (& BALL): For your little superstar.  
8.  TEA SET: I also love this one.  
9.  ANIMAL SWEATER: The sweetest.  
10.  LEGO SET: The ultimate starter kit.  
11.  CANDYLAND: Every kid's first board game.  
13.  DOLL STROLLER: This is on Ophelia's wishlist this year.  
14.  WAGON
15.  VELVET TURBAN: I mean, this is just adorable.  
17.  PLAY KITCHEN: The perfect first big gift!
18.  CLEANING SET: It seems like every kid loves to pretend to clean.  Put them to work!
19.  BLOCK SET: A must have for every playroom.  

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I'm wearing this dress here (and it's way on sale!) - but on Turkey Day, I'll most likely be in something like Look #1 or #4.  Sweatpants are a must.  

Look #1: Turtleneck sweater, grey joggers, slippers, initial necklacered lipstick
Look #2: Plaid cape (I also love this one!), stripe tee, jeans, booties

Look #3: Sweater dress, faux fur vest, boots, earrings
Look #4: Cardigan, tee, sweatpants, sneakers

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Okay, confession.  Note to Santa: this is basically just my wishlist for this holiday season.   I would just love to see these under the tree, and if I weren't pregnant, I would so want this.

1.  Leopard block heel pumps.  Comfy but also so cute.
2.  I've wanted to try Neulash forever.
3.  I hear this stuff is ammmmazing for your skin.
4.  Pretty plaid top for pregnancy and afterward.
5.  I desperately want this fancy new DSLR.
6.  The prettiest mama ring- you use your babies birthstones!
7.  Some fun (and budget friendly!) tassel earrings.
8.  I wouldn't mind upgrading my mom backpack for the new year!
9.  A pretty new set of makeup brushes always makes a great gift. 
10.  These cozy slippers are perfect for opening presents Christmas morning!
11. Pajamas are always a good idea. 
12.  I'd love a set of these pretty new mugs to spruce up the kitchen. 
13.  Such a pretty color sweater
14.  I hear amazing things about this lip and cheek stain

Monday, November 13, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For the New Mama

Treat the new mom in your life to something just for her- the baby will get enough goodies of their own! 

1.  The Solly baby wrap (also here!) is perfect for that new squishy baby phase and its also pretty!
2.  A necklace personalized with the baby's name. 
3.  Mama bear mug.
4.  Fleece lined socks! So cozy.
5.  Dry shampoo.  Practical but necessary. 
6.  Mama bird tee.
7.  A pretty nursing friendly sweater
8.  A cozy robe.  I also love this one, and it's budget friendly. 
9.  Espresso machine.  She can make her own lattes at home!
10.  A face mask, or some nail polish.  It will feel so nice to do something for herself. 
11.  Straw water bottle.  So essential!
12.  Another of my very favorite carriers- the Lillebaby.  Works from newborn age on- we still use it for our two year old!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Holiday PJs

Ophelia's holiday jammies from last year.  

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is seeing my little bunny in her Christmas pjs.  I know it seems early, but the best ones sell out fast- so here are some of the cutest picks! I can't decide between these (with these matching ones for me?!!) or these for Ophelia this year.  

Seven // Eight // Nine

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cold Weather Maternity Favorites

Hat is from here, top is from here, jeans are these (highly recommend!) and boots are these.  

It's getting cold and all of my shirts are getting too short.  Maternity dressing in the cold weather is totally new to me.  I've found my favorite maternity leggings, and highly recommend these awesome maternity jeans.

I've also got this cozy sweatshirt, and these joggers for cold winter nights on my wishlist.

click the pictures to shop some of my other finds:

Friday, November 3, 2017

Pretty Home Goods I'm Wanting

Some pretty finds for the home on my wishlist.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ophelia's Favorite Things- Age 2

If anyone has a two year old on their holiday gifting list this year, here are some of my little one's top recommendations! 

1. Play-doh.  Pretty self explanatory, but it's a classic favorite for a reason. 

2. Baby doll.  We love the Correlle ones, they somehow smell super good?  But here is a more budget friendly one too!

3. A Cozy Coupe car!  My mom says this was one of my favorites too.  These get fought over like crazy at our local open gym tot time!

4. A good twirly skirt. Little miss pulls hers out to wear every day.  This tulle one is so adorable!

5. A balance bike!  Such a good concept. 

6.  This dollhouse is her absolute favorite right now.  She can play for hours with this!  We scored this amazing one second hand, but here is a more budget friendly one too!

7. Some people to live in the aforementioned dollhouse.

8.  A cash register!  We have a super annoying plastic one that sings, but I have my eye on this one for when that one mysteriously disappears. 

9.  This barn has truly been such a big hit.  It's super cute too!

10.  We love the Melissa and Doug puzzles. This one is the perfect ability level. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Time To Get Cozy

Well, we've got the little snow icon in our forecast here in Minnesota.  I for one, could not be more excited.  I am totally ready for a little hygge season.  I've got my eye on some cozy essentials-  this is our favorite candle, and how amazingly comfortable does this look?  These are my must wear all throughout winter, and for all my fellow moms looking for that perfect tunic turtleneck, this one is adorable!

click the pictures for more of my finds!

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Best Maternity Leggings

I have found them!  It was a harrowing quest, filled with pants that don't stay up, way too sheer of material, and the highlighting of all the wrong curves and bumps.  These are the keepers.

They stay up (no more constantly yanking the belly part up), are nice and thick, and have a nice amount of compression to hold all your parts in.  I'm satisfied.  Now if only I could find some maternity jeans that don't suck.  Any suggestions?

ALSO!! Today, they are 40% off with the code ACTFAST.

Some of my runner ups:

- I tried these, and they're not bad.  I personally like more of an athletic/workout style legging since I'm a runner and these were too thin for that purpose.

- These are a great budget friendly option, but they don't stay up super well.  They're also more cotton than spandex.

-These are also budget friendly,  and they were my second favorites.  They're nice and thick, but they run a little big. 

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Quick and Easy Halloween Craft for Toddlers

Got white paint? Got leaves?  And a black marker?  
Make some leaf ghosts!  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mama's Fall Wishlist- Baby Belly Friendly

Now that fall weather is here, I've got that hankering for some fun new purchases.  However, my baby belly is rendering a lot of my favorites impossible- goodbye, high waisted jeans.  I miss you the most.  So, I went on a little internet browsing expedition and found some goodies that are all belly accessible! I already bought this, and it's seriously the softest ever.  And shoes always fit, no matter what size your waistline is, and these are so much fun!

click the pictures to shop my finds! 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Outerwear Favorites for Toddlers

girlfriend is wearing this hat, this bunting underneath, and this fleece jacket

As I've stated like, uh, a billion times, I like to get myself and Ophelia outside every single day, no matter the weather.  As we live in Minnesota, that means we have to be prepared!  I recommend splurging out outerwear when you live in a cold climate, and of course layers- especially wool!    Here are some of our outdoor essentials, for everything from splashing in mud puddles to walks through blizzards- and this year, I think we will be able to take our little miss sledding! 

Some of our favorites:

-The Patagonia puff ball material is the best for warmth AND car seat safe!  Which is important to note, because most parkas/coats are not, so you're supposed to have your little wear a coat while in their seat.  Which isn't the most convenient thing in the world.  

-I also highly recommend these mittens, as they go up the arm and are our favorites for snow blocking.  

- Bog boots (fleece ones on sale here) are AMAZING and Ophelia pretty much wants to wear hers year round.  They are also toddler friendly, as in they can put them in all by themselves.  

- I personally like buntings better than a separate jacket and snow pants.  I know some people think pants are better for potty trained kiddos, but personally I think it's an equal hassle coming inside and shedding layers, no matter what you've got on.  Some personal favorites are this one, this one, and this one.  

click the pictures to shop our picks!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Halloween Finds for Toddlers

What is your little planning on being for Halloween?  Ophelia is debating between being a duck or our dog, Jolie. We also recently got this adorable book, and like all Halloween books, my little October baby loves reading it.  Here are some fun Halloween finds for toddlers to wear during this spooky season! I couldn't resist these pjs, and this is on it's way to us!

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Pumpkin Bread + An Easy Fall Toddler Craft

Happy Friday!  We were busy this morning with a couple of fun fall activities- although, it's a little hard to really get in the mood when it's still 85 degrees.  I'm sure I''ll be singing a different tune come January!

We made a super easy (and yummy!) gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free pumpkin bread.

– 1 cup of nut butter (I used almond)
– 3 large eggs
– ½ cup roasted pureed pumpkin
– 1/2 cup honey- don't use maple syrup!
– 4 tbsp butter or ghee
– 1 tsp baking soda
- tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
– Shelled pumpkin seeds for decoration- we used chocolate chips
– Coconut oil or butter for loaf pan

– Preheat oven to 325
– Combine all ingredients at room temperature in a large mixing bowl.
– Pour the batter into your greased loaf pan
– Sprinkle the top with pumpkin seeds, nuts, or chocolate chips. Don’t mix them in!
– Bake for about 40 minutes, making sure the middle is just barely dry
– Let sit to cool, or eat warm with butter or coconut oil. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from here

We also used contact paper to stick some of our recent leaf finds on and hung them up.  They catch the sun so prettily!  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tot School: Colors Curriculum

We've had a blast learning about our colors this week! 

Our activities: 

-Sticking colorful clothespins (these popsicle sticks would've worked well too!) into matching PlayDoh colors.  Awesome for sensory and fine motor experiences! 

-Sorting our nature walk finds by color. 

- Painting a rainbow with cotton balls.  I used the print out found here.  

- We also made rainbow sprinkle cookies

- Annnnnd as usual, we did lots and lots of chalk.  Ophelia could do chalk for houuuurrs.  

Color Books: 

My Very First Book of Colors:  This one is AMAZING.  The pages flip horizontally for matching an object on the bottom half with its color on the top.  
100 First Words: Ophelia loves this book all the time, but it's color page was our focus this week!  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sweater Weather for Mamas + Littles

Is there anything better than cozy knits on a crisp fall day?  Here are some of my picks for this fall!

F O R       M A M A 
I'm obsessed with with this turtleneck, and the color on this pretty pink one (it's only $29!).  Also I think I kind of need this one just because of the name, right? 

click the pictures for the rest of my picks!

F O R     B A B E 
anything with ears (like this one and this one) just killllllll me.

click the pictures for the others!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fall Maternity Style

For all my fellow pregnant mamas, I've been on the hunt for fall clothes to dress the bump in!  I'm completely obsessed with these, am pretty sure I'll be living in these all season long, and these Madewell maternity jeans get amazing reviews.  I'm so happy to be pregnant in the fall/winter this time- last time I was sweating it out in the summer!

My finds: 
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

At Home Tot School

All these back to school vibes have me itching to learn something.  And while I don't plan to homeschool Ophelia , I did work as a Montessori teacher before having her, and seeing her learn colors and letters and discover new things about the world is one of my favorite things about being a mom.  So!  I've decided to start a little homeschool preschool with her this fall, using the awesome curriculum found here at The Peaceful Press, along with some inspiration from good ol' Pinterest. This board is the best I've found so far!  

I plan to have Tot School just be the fun introduction of different themes or concepts to my toddler. As sitting still for long periods of time isn't a strong suit, expectations are low and  Tot School doesn’t need to look like “school” at all! It should be fun & engaging for your little one – they most likely won’t even realize they are learning new things. The best way I can sum it up in one sentence would be: “Taking their everyday experiences and steering them in particular directions in order to encourage growth.”

I can't wait to share more!