Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekend Links + Steals

It has been a loooong week!  I've had a sick babe on my hands, so not much has gotten done.  It's the first time she's ever been sick, and it's pretty much the worst.  I'm hoping for a cozy, restful, and healthy weekend.

How meditation changes the brain and body- I've been trying to be more mindful and stay in the present lately.  Waay harder than it sounds- especially for someone like me, who tends to... think of approximately 96 things at once.  

These J.Crew new arrivals have me dying for a beach vacation.  

Instead, Minnesota is apparently heading into negative degree next week.  I'll be living in this.

Ugh- I think I hate it-the apparent color of the year for 2017.


Good Stuff Under $50: This, this, this- cozytown! These, these, this is so good, and this

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  1. oh thank goodness i'm not alone on the color of 2017!! definitely not my fav aaat all!! and oh, i hope your little lady gets better fast!! that is no fun!


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