Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I Want to See You Work Out For Me

Cliche? Work out clothes for the new year? Totally.  But I'm actually not that girl- I never do New Year's Resolutions, or really even get into the New Year, New Me thing at all.  BUT the fact of the matter is I'm hoping to start some new fitness activities, switch things up a bit.  I run four days a week right now, it keeps me sane, but it's getting a little stale.   I'm thinking of adding some new things to my regime- maybe trying Kayla Itsines' app Sweat, or  getting back into yoga and barre classes, which I was a regular at up until I went into labor with my little babe.  I actually have to credit my super fast labor to all the squats I did with my huge nine month pregnant belly in barre class. I know taking on a bunch of new things at once never sticks, so I'm thinking baby steps.    I want to try something new when I workout once a week- switch just one of my runs for something different.  And, um, of course, new workout clothes ALWAYS help me get motivated!    

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