Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: For Men

Today I have a gift guide for the hardest people on your gift list -the men in your life, be it your dad, husband, or brother.  I asked a special consultant, my loving husband, Ian, to be a guest contributor, so these gifts are all dude approved.   Here are his picks on what any guy would love to show up under the tree this year!  

1.  This Timex watch is actually a secret smartwatch!  It looks stylish, but can also track his activity.  

2.  I actually got Ian this leather oven/grill mitt this summer and he loves it.  Guys love their grills.   

3.  Whiskey glasses.  
Ian's note: "On a cold night after a long day with a toddler its nice to be able to sit down with a single malt. It's also nice to not drink it out of a solo cup or coffee mug".
4.  Apparently these are like the diamond ring equivalent of underwear.  Noted.  

5.  Monogrammed grill accessories for the grillmaster!

Ian's note: "One of my  few duties at home is cooking. I couldn't do it without my cast iron.   I have a couple of these -you can pretty much make anything with them and they are super easy to clean. The more you use it, the more and more it becomes your favorite pan.  It also makes me feel like I'm on Alaska's Last Frontier".  

7.  A hat or article of clothing from his favorite team or alma mater is a no fail gift.  My mom finds Ian , my uncle, and my dad a new article of clothing from their colleges every Christmas and they love it. 
 Ian's note: "Go Pipes!". 
8.  The perfect fleece for your wife to steal when she misses you.  

9.  Bacon of the month club membership!  Or if you're so inclined, whiskey of the month club.   

Ian's note:  "I've had mittens like these since I was a teenager and nothing else keeps my fingers as warm. My wife makes us go outside all the time in the winter and this help me avoid freezing my nuts off". 

waiting for his presents under the tree

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  1. Great gift guide! Love the watch!!


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