Thursday, December 22, 2016

Around Here Lately

snuggling my heart after making cookies the other day! note that she sampled some dough, obv.  

getting ready to go see Santa
the difference from last year to this year- so. freaking. crazy.  i'm not a fan of making the baby cry with santa, so i sat on his lap, and ophelia joined me for about 15 seconds.  she was not very fond of the old guy.  
we were a little stir crazy for awhile when it was super cold last week!
went and visited the conservatory to warm up! ophelia was sick in this picture, hence her lack of enthusiasm. 
and bundled up for winter walks.  ophelia is wearing this fleece suit, these boots, and this hat. all highly recommended for cold weather babes! 
and my very favorite thing- took some naps on mom.  
tis the season to be cozy. 

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