Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

So, I usually write my posts ahead and then schedule them, so I haven't had a place to really write my thoughts following the election.  I went from complete disbelief, to horror, to sadness.  I'm still a little bit confused on how to move on- I've been browsing the Swedish immigration site, but also trying to hope for the best?  

It's so interesting to me how much of a bubble I live in- the people I surround myself seem like they must be a completely different species than the majority of Americans- which is why posts like these two from interior design blogger Emily Henderson asking her readers why they would vote for Trump , and her response, were interesting to me.  Apparently a lot of people voted just because he was the candidate for their party, or for financial reasons.  I understand that, I guess, but for me, you have to reconcile your vote with who he is as a person.  Are you okay with how he speaks about women?  Are you comfortable with how he speaks about Muslims?  Or Mexicans?  Or people with a handicap?  Does who he is as a person matter less to you then your possible financial gains or the other reasons you voted?  I guess that's something only those who voted for him can answer.  

Additional election depression links include the largely shared "What Do We Tell Our Kids?" article,  this one on coming together by Joanna Goddard, The Facebook Filter Bubble- on How Trump Won and You Didn't See It Coming,  and  "To My Daughter, on The Day After the Election".  

And on a lighter note... 

What could cheer me up more than babies in jammies?  A list of the best cute and cozy winter pajamas for kiddos- Ophelia wants these!  

Is gluten bad?  Milk?  Some truth about wellness fads.  

Some good new winter arrivals:  These winter boots by Madewell & Sorel and this holiday party ready skirt

We can't really have a bar cart with our little friend, but I loved this round up of nine fantastic bar carts, and how to use them!

Such a cute fall outfit.    


Good Stuff Under $50This, this, this- yes!  These, this looks so cozy, this would be cute as a diaper bag, and this is so pretty and easy.  This is stunning, and I can't believe the price!

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