Friday, November 4, 2016

Weeked Reading + Steals

 not really a normal november in minnesota!  

We made it!  Friday!  Although as a mom, weekends aren't really any different than other day, are they?  Luckily, all our days are pretty darn good :) .  The weather here has been out of the world amazing- I can remember Halloweens in Minnesota where we had to wear our snowsuits over our costumes, and now it's been 70's all week!  Don't forget- Daylight Savings Time is this weekend... yuck.  Here are some good links you can read while it's dark at four pm! 

This list of recommended reading seems right up my alleyThis and this are in my cart- I need to up my game for this new toddler stage! 

Male birth control study was ended because of side effects like acne and weight gain.  Huh, those sound kind of familiar...

11 weird things cosleeping moms do- a lot of these are spot on.  


Good Stuff Under $50:  This, this, this, I loooove these, and this. This- wowza! This is so cute, these, this looks cozy and wearable anywhere, and this is seriously good.

 In case you missed it, both Carters and Gap are 50% off!  See these posts for my picks and the codes!

ALSO Anthropologie is having a 20% off dresses sale with the code "winwin".  Here are my picks:   

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  1. I miss good weather here haha! It's so cloudy and I want sunshine like yours!
    Cute picture!


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