Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Best Natural Products for Babe

My husband told me the other day that the older I get, the more hippie I become.  Not sure if that's possible, as I've been pretty groovy my whole life, but I'll take it!  Making our home a non toxic place when I was pregnant was super important to me, and now the stuff I use on my precious little misses' skin is another top priority!  Here are some of our favorites we use everyday- these would be such a good gift in a basket for a new mom! 

1.  Honest Healing Balm- we are big Honest Company fans here!  Having everything delivered to your doorstep makes like 10 times simpler.  We've never once needed to go on an emergency diaper run, which I hear is pretty rare!   This stuff soothes, well, anything.  We're currently using it on Ophelia's chapped snot nose- super cute!

2.  Acure 4 in 1 Bath- This is what we use for bath time- it smells dreamy! I secretly use it as body wash too.  

3. Badger Sunscreem- a clean sunscreen that isn't too thick and globby.  

4.  NoseFrida!  The Swedes come up with the best stuff.  

5.  Honest Diapers- available here, here, or here.   They always have the best prints, they're gentle on baby and the earth.  What else can you ask for in a diaper?

6.  Honest Diaper Rash Cream- we've never had more than a slightly red bum and this takes care of that super fast.  

7.  Honest Wipes

8. Zoe Organics Breathe Balm Stick- this is like a natural Vicks- clarifying when they're congested. 

9.  Wood teether- essential and cute!

10.    The Banana Toothbrush- so far, this is the only toothbrush Ophelia needs and its great for teething!

11.  Clean hand Sanitizer-I'm pretty big on getting dirty, and building antibodies/ strengthening our immune systems, but this is great to have for after a dirty diaper. 

I tried to get my real baby to pose with her bath products, but she was waayy too busy so Stella had to take over! 

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