Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

Hello!  Any fun Halloween plans?  I think we are headed to a little Halloween party tonight and possibly date night tomorrow night!  Here's to the weekend. 

Into The Glosses' Top 25- pretty much the beauty product bible.  I want this and this. 

We read this book every night before bed, so this article totally had me laughing.  

New Instagram feature is such a good game changer.

Screens terrify me when it comes to Ophelia.  I hate feeling like I'm looking at my phone when I'm playing with her, and I don't want her looking at them!   Looking for more screen related articles to help me come up with a parenting screen time strategy!

I will always click on any article about Sex and the City.  This one had me chuckling.  

When you're proud to be a nasty woman.    

This Instagram account is so good.  

Budget friendly gender neutral nursery- hard to do!  


Good Stuff Under $50This, this, this, these, this- so pretty! These, these, this  and this (pretty much winter in a candle).  

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  1. oh my goodness. i think similar thoughts about goodnight moon aaaall the time... what a great read! that is absolutely hilarious. i will never look at the bears in that artwork the same way again! haha!!!


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