Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

Our fall mantel decorated with some nature walk finds + some leftover birthday decor

Last night was a bit of a doozy, parenting wise.  My husband is out of town (again) and my little friend decided sleeping was a boring way to spend our time.  But it's another gorgeous day and --- whoops, just had to go stop her from eating dog food.  Let's just get to the links.  

We honeymooned in Positano, and this sweet elopement has me itching to go back.  I wish I could have like 10 different style weddings- all marrying the same man, of course!

This outfit is SO me. 

The complex feminism of Hilary Clinton's decision to stay married.  I kind of think the moral of this story is- not our marriage, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, not our business.

What I wish I was wearing.  Me too!

I'm totally an attachment parent, it just came pretty naturally for us.  I usually forget it's "weird" but then sometimes someone will be like, wait, your kid sleeps with you? Reading stuff like this totally reinforces me- I already see aspects of this in Ophelia, she is kind and loving with her dolls, and already comforts and shares with others, all of her on volition.   

10 documentaries for parents- I'd also add The Milky Way.

Loved this list of fall wardrobe must haves.

This article could just summed up with "duh".  

Bookmarking this- slow cooker dinners!

My husband might kill me as he is a bit of a scrooge when it comes to the holidays, but Christmas jammies are already being ordered.  I mean COME.  ON.  Also these!

Speaking of baby clothes, the new arrivals at Baby Gap are pretty darn good.  And 40% off right now!  Ophelia has this coming to her, and I think she wants this too.

Good stuff under $50:   This (seriously so good!) , this, this, this- love, and theseThese are my go to work out legging, this is awesome, thesethis is in our car and we use it all the time!    

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