Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cute Nursing Friendly Clothes

YAY!  So, I had my first reader request!  Cute nursing friendly clothes- where are they hiding? Don't worry,  I've got the hook up.  

In all honesty, I'm a big believer in that you can make anything nursing friendly.  I'm sure it all depends on your anatomy, and in the beginning it will seem way, WAY harder to find a fashionable way to have access to your boobs at all times, but my secret is this:  camisole ( I have about, um, 30 of these) under everything.  I pull my top up, and pull my boob over the camisole. 
These tanks (also here in lace)  that clip on to your bra, thus making your favorite everyday bra into a nursing bra,  are also a fave.  

My Favorites for in the Beginning- Basics
 These are my number one must have.  I still sleep in these every night.  The Jessica Simpson cami's were my favorite to wear under everything last winter when she was tiny since they're a little prettier.  Finding a good nursing bra will of course depend on your anatomy, and what is comfortable to you, but this line, Cake, is probably the most popular, this is the best with underwire, this one (LOVE)  or this one without underwire, and this is my favorite everyday (not just for nursing, I pull my boob over the top) bra

Good, Cozy Stuff for Non Stop Nursing Postpartum 
These are the days when you don't leave the couch and baby seems to be permanetly attached to your nipple.  Cardigans (that you'll rip off occasionally because you will all of a sudden be BOILING HOT) henley tees, and cozy robes will be your favorites. 
Cute Nursing Clothes 
Big players here- anything wrap front, button down, or zip down (Madewell does a lot of zip down shirts and I buy pretty much every one).  This H&M dress is so pretty I kind of can't believe it's a nursing dress! 

I put two water bottles on this collage because DRINK A LOT OF WATER.  Good for both nursing, and looking cute :).  Nursing sport bras are tough to find, but Boob Design makes a good one.  I usually just wear a regular sports bra since it's not super often that I'd need to nurse while I'm working out, but I know it can happen! This was my favorite nipple stuff back in the beginning, I hear this is good too.  And I don't pump often, but when you do- get yourself a hands free bra!  So. Much. Easier. 

OH & remember! 
This is the story of my life. 

2. This is the best thing for your babe and you will look back on these days with such nostalgia- I already do and I'm not even close to being done yet! The stained shirts and lack of being able to get dressed without thinking about your boob access is totally worth it.


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