Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Current Vibes- What We're Loving This Week

1.  Dreamy Parisian architecture.  I need a trip somewhere, and Paris is calling my name.  That light!  
Image is from one of my favorite blogs, here.  

2.  A cozy hoodie for Miss O-  but :( it makes her look like a teenager! 

3.  These balls are her favorite thing and everywhere in our house.  

4.  This straw sippie- we've finally found one we like! 

5.  Cozy joggers I'm wearing waaaayy too much lately. 

6.  Honest healing balm- we love Honest Company, and this is keeping any dry skin at bay. 

7.  Sheet Pan Suppers Cookbook, because if I'm making dinner it has to be easy.  

8.  New Montessori work on our shelves- more on this tomorrow! 

9.  Baby Stella was a birthday gift for Philly and she is getting so much love.  

9.  Halloween supper ideas found here- so cute and festive! 

10.  This dress.  Easy and cute. 

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