Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Current Vibes- What We're Loving Lately

Stuff We are Loving Lately 


1.  Hat that ties- I can't say that Ophelia actually LOVES this, but I do since she can't get it off!  Bonus, she looks adorable with it on. 
2. Veggies pouch- since we're till low on teeth here, Phil is a big fan of pouches.  I love these ones because they're more veggies than fruit! 
3. Musical instruments- this kid beyond loves making music.  We have some serious jam sessions at our house. 
4. We just started putting baby girl in jammie sets instead of sleepers and I can't handle how adorable (and big!) she looks.  The Halloween ones are especially relevant since she's an October baby!  I also LOVE these
5.  Big kid is starting to practice walking- she loves her little push wagon to walk behind, and also loves putting her dolls (and... all the rest of her toys) in a pile inside. 


1. Acai bowls- every damn day.  Truce makes my favorite.  
2. Mom Jeans.  The absolute best.  They suck you in, but aren't suffocating.  I have them in two colors, denim, and black
4.  Our favorite baby carrier, making it possible to get stuff done.  Including this very nap happening right now! 
5. Pink vans, my most versatile and surprisingly compliment fetching shoe this fall. 
6. Anything and everything turtleneck.  Love this one, this one, and this one
7.  My crockpot!  For making dinner possible when someone would rather me not spend time in the kitchen. 


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