Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Baby Outdoor Gear- Must Haves

last winter, Ophelia is wearing this one-piece and this hat

So, I previously mentioned that I like to get myself and my little friend outside every single day, no matter the weather.  As we live in Minnesota, that means we have to be prepared!  I recommend splurging out outerwear when you live in a cold climate, and of course layers- especially wool!    Here are some of our outdoor essentials, for everything from splashing in mud puddles to walks through blizzards- and this year, I think we will be able to take our little miss sledding!  

Outdoor Winter Heavy Duties- The Big Guns
The Patagonia puff ball material is car seat allowed!  Which is important to note, because most parkas/coats are not, so you're supposed to have your little wear a coat while in their seat.  Which isn't the most convenient thing in the world.  
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Outdoor Footwear

Rain Apparel



 walking in a blizzard last winter- Ophelia is wearing this suit and this hat we are in our beloved lillebaby carrier.


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