Monday, October 31, 2016

The Best Fall Knits

Fall uniform= cozy sweater, jeans, boots, done.  
Here are some of my favorite fall knits, all under $75, and most of them are under $50! 

18.  Bell sleeve sweater

PS: Happy Halloween from my little unicorn friend and I!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

Hello!  Any fun Halloween plans?  I think we are headed to a little Halloween party tonight and possibly date night tomorrow night!  Here's to the weekend. 

Into The Glosses' Top 25- pretty much the beauty product bible.  I want this and this. 

We read this book every night before bed, so this article totally had me laughing.  

New Instagram feature is such a good game changer.

Screens terrify me when it comes to Ophelia.  I hate feeling like I'm looking at my phone when I'm playing with her, and I don't want her looking at them!   Looking for more screen related articles to help me come up with a parenting screen time strategy!

I will always click on any article about Sex and the City.  This one had me chuckling.  

When you're proud to be a nasty woman.    

This Instagram account is so good.  

Budget friendly gender neutral nursery- hard to do!  


Good Stuff Under $50This, this, this, these, this- so pretty! These, these, this  and this (pretty much winter in a candle).  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

How We Montessori: 12 months

I wanted to share a little more about how I incorporate the Montessori method at home with little Phil.  Our current Montessori work is aimed towards kids 12-15 months.  It is so much fun to see how well they start to pick up on things at this age.  Today she figured out the word "head" and kept tapping my head, and then hers, it was like a little light bulb went off!  It's just the absolute best thing in the world.   Here is what's currently on our shelves!

Transferring Sticks
 I just added this one and it is a big hit- it was hard for me to take a picture of without her wanting to get at it! 

 3 Piece Puzzle- found here
 When setting the work up on the shelf, it makes a world of difference to set it up "un done".  My husband, who loves neatness and order, always like to put the puzzle away on the shelf completed, but it is much more attractive to the babes (and thus lengthening the time they will spend working with it!) to have the pieces separate. 

Shape Sorter- found here
This is a big hit, and used in a variety of ways.  Balls, animals, and the shape blocks usually find their way into the sorter, and are poured in and thrown out again and again.  

Wood Animals and Identifying Cards - ours are vintage, similar here
This one is a bit advanced for Ophelia now, but she loves the language of handing me the card for me to name the animal, the sensory of holding the animals and the cards.

Sensory Balls- found here, here, and some golf balls
 Another super big favorite.

Musical Instruments/ Shakers - Rainbow jingle, Red & Blue jingle bell, Panda shaker, maracas- (vintage), similar here, and rhythm sticks
Probably her current favorite!

Some current"shelfies" of her work areas:

Also pictured: stacking cups, Ikea pull toy, stacking rings (just the bottom two so it isn't overwhelming!), abacus

Play area:

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this! I love talking about it. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Current Vibes- What We're Loving This Week

1.  Dreamy Parisian architecture.  I need a trip somewhere, and Paris is calling my name.  That light!  
Image is from one of my favorite blogs, here.  

2.  A cozy hoodie for Miss O-  but :( it makes her look like a teenager! 

3.  These balls are her favorite thing and everywhere in our house.  

4.  This straw sippie- we've finally found one we like! 

5.  Cozy joggers I'm wearing waaaayy too much lately. 

6.  Honest healing balm- we love Honest Company, and this is keeping any dry skin at bay. 

7.  Sheet Pan Suppers Cookbook, because if I'm making dinner it has to be easy.  

8.  New Montessori work on our shelves- more on this tomorrow! 

9.  Baby Stella was a birthday gift for Philly and she is getting so much love.  

9.  Halloween supper ideas found here- so cute and festive! 

10.  This dress.  Easy and cute. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holiday Prep- Fall Dress Up Clothes

 Ophelia is wearing: onesie, skirt, leggings, & booties- we LOVE these! 
Is there anything better than little babes all dolled up?  With the holidays fast approaching, and fall pictures taking place I thought I'd round up some of my favorite, most adorable baby & kids dress clothes!  And since I'm guessing most other little ones are like mine, and the cute dress will only last so long, they're all super affordable as well :) 

Fair isle sweater- I cannot handle this!

Animal dress- so. dang. good.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Outerwear for Mama

Coats and jackets and of course, my favorite, beanies!  Living in Minnesota means there are lots of times where your outerwear is pretty much all anyone sees.  So making it the cutest possible (even in -10 degrees and a blizzard, insert the terrified emoji here) is definitely necessary.  

Here are some of my favorite finds! 
just click the pictures to shop :)  


Fun Trend Jackets - Pinks and Animal Print

The Heavy Duties- Parkas 

Plaid Coats- I am LOVING this trend!


What I am wearing!  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

Our fall mantel decorated with some nature walk finds + some leftover birthday decor

Last night was a bit of a doozy, parenting wise.  My husband is out of town (again) and my little friend decided sleeping was a boring way to spend our time.  But it's another gorgeous day and --- whoops, just had to go stop her from eating dog food.  Let's just get to the links.  

We honeymooned in Positano, and this sweet elopement has me itching to go back.  I wish I could have like 10 different style weddings- all marrying the same man, of course!

This outfit is SO me. 

The complex feminism of Hilary Clinton's decision to stay married.  I kind of think the moral of this story is- not our marriage, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, not our business.

What I wish I was wearing.  Me too!

I'm totally an attachment parent, it just came pretty naturally for us.  I usually forget it's "weird" but then sometimes someone will be like, wait, your kid sleeps with you? Reading stuff like this totally reinforces me- I already see aspects of this in Ophelia, she is kind and loving with her dolls, and already comforts and shares with others, all of her on volition.   

10 documentaries for parents- I'd also add The Milky Way.

Loved this list of fall wardrobe must haves.

This article could just summed up with "duh".  

Bookmarking this- slow cooker dinners!

My husband might kill me as he is a bit of a scrooge when it comes to the holidays, but Christmas jammies are already being ordered.  I mean COME.  ON.  Also these!

Speaking of baby clothes, the new arrivals at Baby Gap are pretty darn good.  And 40% off right now!  Ophelia has this coming to her, and I think she wants this too.

Good stuff under $50:   This (seriously so good!) , this, this, this- love, and theseThese are my go to work out legging, this is awesome, thesethis is in our car and we use it all the time!    

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What We're Reading

We've got some more good recommendations for ya!  We can never get enough books over here.  

Mama's Picks:
Today Will Be Different- Maria Semple
This is the same author as Where'd You Go, Bernadette, which I loved.  This didn't disappoint- it is very witty, and filled with the same dark humor as her previous novel!

Eligible- Curtis Sittenfield
I LOVED this book.  It's supposed to be a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but it's also just really good on it's own.   It's sweet, hilarious, and also a really interesting take on our current dating scene.

Small Great Things- Jodi Picoult
So, I'm actually currently still reading this book.  I have to take breaks and read something lighter, so it is taking me longer than normal- I'm a super fast reader.  But so far, this book is incredible and poignant, but super heavy subject matter.  We've got a white supremacist character, an African American nurse, and a dead baby in the first few chapters.

Modern Lovers- Emma Straub
 I feel like this book is kind of the Sex and the City characters 10 years later if they all settled down and moved to Brooklyn.  It's an interesting view on aging marriages and the quest for youth.  I loved her first book, The Vacationers too! 

Ophelia's Picks:

Ophelia is absolutely obsessed with books with real pictures of people.  We found this one, and she loves it!   Waves and says "Hi!" to the people on every page!

Noisy Zoo
This one is a big hit- especially the dolphin.

This has been a favorite for a long time, when she was younger just looking at the pages (especially the animal pages) was super stimulating and exciting and now she is into hearing me say the words. 

What we're wearing: Striped top// Jeans
Onesie// Tutu pants

Current Vibes- What We're Loving Lately

Stuff We are Loving Lately 


1.  Hat that ties- I can't say that Ophelia actually LOVES this, but I do since she can't get it off!  Bonus, she looks adorable with it on. 
2. Veggies pouch- since we're till low on teeth here, Phil is a big fan of pouches.  I love these ones because they're more veggies than fruit! 
3. Musical instruments- this kid beyond loves making music.  We have some serious jam sessions at our house. 
4. We just started putting baby girl in jammie sets instead of sleepers and I can't handle how adorable (and big!) she looks.  The Halloween ones are especially relevant since she's an October baby!  I also LOVE these
5.  Big kid is starting to practice walking- she loves her little push wagon to walk behind, and also loves putting her dolls (and... all the rest of her toys) in a pile inside. 


1. Acai bowls- every damn day.  Truce makes my favorite.  
2. Mom Jeans.  The absolute best.  They suck you in, but aren't suffocating.  I have them in two colors, denim, and black
4.  Our favorite baby carrier, making it possible to get stuff done.  Including this very nap happening right now! 
5. Pink vans, my most versatile and surprisingly compliment fetching shoe this fall. 
6. Anything and everything turtleneck.  Love this one, this one, and this one
7.  My crockpot!  For making dinner possible when someone would rather me not spend time in the kitchen. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

At the Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

 We had a blast this weekend at the apple orchard and pumpkin patch!  My little pumpkin has decided since turning one that she needs to be attached to me at all times, so our ring sling came in very handy. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cute Nursing Friendly Clothes

YAY!  So, I had my first reader request!  Cute nursing friendly clothes- where are they hiding? Don't worry,  I've got the hook up.  

In all honesty, I'm a big believer in that you can make anything nursing friendly.  I'm sure it all depends on your anatomy, and in the beginning it will seem way, WAY harder to find a fashionable way to have access to your boobs at all times, but my secret is this:  camisole ( I have about, um, 30 of these) under everything.  I pull my top up, and pull my boob over the camisole. 
These tanks (also here in lace)  that clip on to your bra, thus making your favorite everyday bra into a nursing bra,  are also a fave.  

My Favorites for in the Beginning- Basics
 These are my number one must have.  I still sleep in these every night.  The Jessica Simpson cami's were my favorite to wear under everything last winter when she was tiny since they're a little prettier.  Finding a good nursing bra will of course depend on your anatomy, and what is comfortable to you, but this line, Cake, is probably the most popular, this is the best with underwire, this one (LOVE)  or this one without underwire, and this is my favorite everyday (not just for nursing, I pull my boob over the top) bra

Good, Cozy Stuff for Non Stop Nursing Postpartum 
These are the days when you don't leave the couch and baby seems to be permanetly attached to your nipple.  Cardigans (that you'll rip off occasionally because you will all of a sudden be BOILING HOT) henley tees, and cozy robes will be your favorites. 
Cute Nursing Clothes 
Big players here- anything wrap front, button down, or zip down (Madewell does a lot of zip down shirts and I buy pretty much every one).  This H&M dress is so pretty I kind of can't believe it's a nursing dress! 

I put two water bottles on this collage because DRINK A LOT OF WATER.  Good for both nursing, and looking cute :).  Nursing sport bras are tough to find, but Boob Design makes a good one.  I usually just wear a regular sports bra since it's not super often that I'd need to nurse while I'm working out, but I know it can happen! This was my favorite nipple stuff back in the beginning, I hear this is good too.  And I don't pump often, but when you do- get yourself a hands free bra!  So. Much. Easier. 

OH & remember! 
This is the story of my life. 

2. This is the best thing for your babe and you will look back on these days with such nostalgia- I already do and I'm not even close to being done yet! The stained shirts and lack of being able to get dressed without thinking about your boob access is totally worth it.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Reading + Steals

12 months of Ophelia!

Happy Friday! We had a blast celebrating our crazy little girl yesterday, and the partying will probably continue through the weekend.  
Here is some good reading for you!

I've never really been a big Halloween person, but having a baby makes you get all excited about everything.  Here are some cute grown up costumes you can DIY.  

I love reading Grace's reviews of new beauty products.  I got this yesterday and love it already! 

This vow renewal is so sweet.  

Good fats ya gotta eat.  Brain food!   

Baby leggings roundup!  I'm pretty sure Ophelia wants these.  

One of my husband's biggest fears is our Philly becoming a picky eater.  Some thoughts on that here. 

Daydream worthy escapes


Good stuff under $50: This, this, this, these (look sooo cozy), these, and this. This is gorgeous, this is such a steal, this.   Also- this is awesome and this for the littles- so far they've been Ophelia's favorite gift! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

happy birthday to my baby girl

happy first birthday to my small best friend.  my heart and soul.  my favorite little person in the world.  i love more than words can say, pretty sure it is more than anyone has ever loved anything.  
i love how you always need to be touching me, how happy you are whenever you see me.  i love your agility practice and your constant telling of wild crazy stories.  watching you grow this year has been a delight.  i feel so lucky i get to be your mom.