Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekend Reading + Some Steals


 Dream kitchen- and it seems somewhat attainable?!

I'd Wear That-  I like these picks from NYFW.  

I kind of want to live in these (or these!) all weekend long.

Best Ikea Finds for Kids- we have like 80% of these  in our house already... cue the hands over face emoji!

I don't really wear makeup usually, but I love reading all of these.

FedEx Delivery Fails- had me chuckling.

Ophelia hates wearing dresses because she can't crawl as fast, but I might just being buying this anyway.

Apple Crisp roundup.  Yesssssss.  

Good stuff under $50:  
this, this, this (I LOVE this, such a good mask for cheap!), this, this, this, these (we have them all over our house and they make your mess look  somewhat prettier)  and this

Happy weekend!

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