Monday, September 26, 2016

Ophelia's Fall Wardrobe- Guide to Dressing Baby Girl

Is there anything better in the world than baby clothes? Buying outfits for my little gal was probably one of my favorite activities while I was pregnant, but now that she is verging on toddler territory (sniff!) I'd like to think I'm a little better at it. Here are some of my best baby fashion tips!

-White socks!  Baby socks are kind of the worst, especially when they are tiny.  They don't stay on and the pretty much never match each other when they come back in the laundry.  Buy all white ones so you can just pick up stray ones off the floor and always have a set.  Even though the little ballet shoe ones are so much cuter!

- Old Navy is kind of baby clothes heaven.  The stuff is some of the cutest out there (example!) and it's insanely inexpensive.  They grow out of their outfits at an alarming rate, so long lasting daily wear isn't essential.  

-Another budget friendly favorite is H&M- their bodysuits fit the best for my long, skinny little peanut.  Their "kimono style" is also amazing because they don't go over their head!  Which you will come to find is life saving. 

-One spot where I do spend money is outerwear.  Living in Minnesota, we have weather that can be... extreme?  I like to get us outside for a walk every. single. day. rain, snow, sun, whatever.  So we are big proponents of there being no bad weather, only bad clothing.  That means layers and Baby Patagonia to match Mom and Dad.  

- A big mistake I made when purchasing while I was pregnant was buying too many dresses.  A lot of the most adorable things in the world went unworn because they aren't super practical- before she was sitting up dresses never stayed down, and she generally lived in cozy sleepers.  Now that she's crawling and cruising, dresses mess with her speed and ability to get around.  We are big fans of one piece outfits here, because less time trying to get our wild girl to stay still and get dressed means way less tears.   Skirted pants are a super cute compromise, and of course, sometimes I just can't resist

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