Monday, September 19, 2016

Making NYFW Street Style Looks Work IRL

So the street style from this season's New York fashion week were somewhat less high fashion and  actually seemed more wearable than usual.  Definitely still not average everyday Mom wear, but using some of my favorite looks as inspiration and making them work for my everyday is kind of my idea of fun.  The keys seem to be high waisted denim, aka "mom jeans" which are already my BFFs, block heels, and a new one for me, printed silk scarves!

Look #1
I love this.  Jean shorts + a hippie blouse is pretty much a Brittany staple.  The block heels are so good and so in right now, but to make it work for me I would have to wear flats...  let's pretend Ophelia would let me wear my MNZ pumps, dream big, right?

Look #2
This one is soooo pretty.  I'm thinking maybe I could wear my version for Ophelia's one year pictures?  I have so few times when I actually get to dress up these days!

Look #3
This one's easy!  Easily mom-ified. 


  1. Love your interpretations (look 3 is my fave!) Some of the street style fashions would just not fly IRL but it sure is fun to watch! xx Rox-Anne,

  2. Love all of these! I need to pick up a sequined skirt ... plus like 12 silk bandanas!

    x Diana //


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