Friday, February 17, 2017

President's Day Weekend Sales

I'm not sure why President's Day has such good sales, but it does.  Hop to it!
Just click the pictures to shop!  I make it too easy.  

ASOS: 20% off with code PREZ20 

JCREW: 30% with code WEEKEND

GAP: 40% off with code MORE

OLD NAVY: 50% off storewide, additional 30% off with code ENJOY

LOFT: 40% off storewide, with code HAPPY

CARTERS: 50% off with code PRESDAY

Weekend Links + Steals

Happy weekend.  I hope you got this much love this week! Here are some good finds from around the internet. 

Well, science says it's true- mommy brain is real.

Want to age less? Make out more.  

This was an interesting read- American millennials just aren't into God.    

The J.Crew Factory new arrivals are so good.  And 50% off.   I love this, this, and this. 

Placenta smoothies!  I know, I know.  But I'm bookmarking this for next time.  

I love this gingham top

Essential oils, and shakes, and beauty products, oh my.  What stuff being pushed by your Facebook friends is actually worth it?

My dog and my husband are the same being, so this makes sense.  

I want to try this moisturizer that everyone raves about.  


Good Stuff Under $50: This is seriously so cute, and these are amazing.  What a great embroidered top, and this white blouse is so pretty.  I adore this dress, and these sandals are calling for a beach vacation. 

For the babes: These are so dang cute, and this is screaming for a brand new baby to wear it. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Current Vibes

What we've been feeling lately! It's been warm, the snow is melted, and my little girl has suddenly become this awesome kid who constantly cracks me up.  

M A M A ' S      V I B E S
HANGING RATTAN CHAIR: since the weather turned warm, we opened up our porch.  It's amazing having the space, but I've got the itch to re do the whole thing.  I can't wait lighten it up with a breezy, bohemian  vibe.  

STUD EARRINGS: The only jewelry I can wear without attention from my small friend, I love sets where I can mix up different studs in all my ear holes.  

PATAGONIA FLEECE: The only layer I've needed lately.  Insert the praise hands emoji here!

SNEAKERS: When I'm not in rain boots.  

GIRLS: Started watching the new season.. the first episode was a lot of Hannah.  Not enough Ray.  I love reading these posts after every episode.  

O P H E L I A ' S      V I B E S
KNIT SWEATER: She's worn this pretty much every day since it arrived.

POUCHES: Girlfriend cannot get enough of these.

TABLE & CHAIRS: These have been a game changer.  She's become such a gown up, she loves sitting at her table doing art, having a snack, or reading.

RAINBOOTS: Very necessary lately.

WAGON: This was a Christmas gift that has been in use daily.  She likes riding in the wagon on walks, or pushing it, with lots of random things she's put inside it.