Friday, June 15, 2018

Amazon Summer Finds

Why is Amazon the greatest website on earth? There are so many good finds on there- perfect for summer with littles.

Quick drying beach towels- Come in all different shapes and colors, and apparently they repel sand!
No pain detangling brush- Do you fight with your toddler over brushing their hair?  I feel like wet hair doubles in the summer.  This thing is awesome.
Wood camera- For your budding little photographer
Beach radio- The perfect beach radio- you can play Bluetooth from your phone or the regular old radio!
Sand toys- Wide variety and great price!
Perfect beach bagIt's huge, waterproof, and comes with a clear waterproof phone case and bottle opener! It also has two side pockets  for your water bottles. 

I also have found a bunch of budget friendly goodies for myself- this swimsuit is perfect for mom duty, and this top is amazing for nursing! 

White dress-  An under $20 version of an amazing Free People maxi
Stripe swimsuit & Black swimsuit- Both perfect for moms and inexpensive!
Button down top- Comes in three other colors
Workout tanks- These are highly reviewed- and would be great for nursing too! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Target Finds for June

Join us in a red cart- let's go on a virtual Target run, shall we? So many good finds lately!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Ophelia Style: Toddler Dresses

Ophelia at two and a half is basically a style maven.  She is obsessed with her clothes and getting dressed- if she had her way she'd wear a dress or a tutu everyday.  I invited her to do a little guest edit and share some of her favorites: